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Why Your Company Logo Is More Important Than You Think

Issie Lapowsky -
From color choice to font size, your logo says a lot about your company--so choose wisely....

Your Ugly Website is Costing Your Business Big Time

Joshua Sophy - Small Business Trends
Don’t make the mistake of rushing creation of your eCommerce website believing speed is all that matters...

First Impressions Count Just as Much Online

Aaron Agius - Entrepreneur Magazine
Make a memorable impact on new visitors to your website. You've got just seconds to hook them...

Even the Smallest Home Businesses Need an Online Marketing Plan

Even if you are simply a crafter making natural skin care products, jewelry, or you are an artist painting watercolors, you still need to market your business.....

10 Reasons Your Business Needs an Integrated Marketing Campaign

Rob Starr - Small Business Trends
Integrated marketing combines the more traditional outbound marketing with the kind of inbound variety made popular by the digital revolution.....


275 West Marketing & Technology Services

How To Use Technology When Marketing Your Business

Jenna Cyprus - SMB CEO
Using technology when marketing your business offers huge benefits. It’s easy to stick within your comfort zone, but...

5 Ways Technology Has Changed Marketing Forever

Robert Cordray - Digital List
Marketing has long been a cornerstone of business, and many principles developed hundreds or marketingthousands of years ago are still relevant today....

Think Technology and Business are Confusing Now? Wait Until The Third Wave

Charles Franklin - Small Business Trend
In little less than a decade, we have gone from only using phones to talk to using phones for almost everything- – social media, emails, games, apps, etc. Who could have predicted it?...

The Beginner's Guide to Launching a Mobile SEO Campaign

Aaron Agius - Entrepreneur Magazine
You'll have to play by new rules to target voice search, lightning-fast page speeds and mobile-friendly content...


275 West Marketing & Technology Services

7 Steps to Starting Your Own Business

Candice Landau - Bplans
People are always asking for a list of fundamentals they can use to start their own businesses...

10 Online Classes Every Entrepreneur Should Take Before Starting a Business

Rhett Power - Co-founder, Wild Creations
You need a good education in the business of doing business...

8 Alternative Lending Options for Small Businesses

Ryan Hanley - All Business
Finding capital for your company when the banks and other traditional lenders have all turned you down...

The Importance of Risk Control to Small Businesses

Liberty Mutual Insurance - INC.
It's a conundrum: many small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) fail to invest in safety, when they're the ones that can benefit the most...


275 West Marketing & Technology Services

Steps To Starting A Successful Non-Profit Organization
If you’ve decided that your group is ready to start a non-profit, consider the following steps involved in the successful and legal creation of a new non-profit organization....

Storytelling Should Fuel All Your Fundraising

Megan Donahue - Causevox
Stories are how we connect with our friends, families and even strangers. We like stories more than we like almost anything. ...

5 Creative Fundraising Event Volunteer Opportunities

Joshua Meyer - Volunteer Match
If you’re in the midst of planning your next fundraising event (or if you’ve planned an event in the past), you know the challenge of getting all of your logistics in order....

11 Digital Fundraising Strategies

The Nonprofit Times
It’s all about clicks. It’s all about likes. It’s all about engagement....